When was the Great Fall?

I had some people ask me what I was referring to in my last post about my Great Fall. I cannot go into detail due to ongoing litigation, but I will explain as best as I can.

On Saturday Sept 8 of last year, I tripped over uneven concrete that had lifted from tree roots. Eldest daughter tripped first, but was able to catch herself. I was not. I was catapulted and landed face down and on my right side and then slid to a stop. I knew right away that something was really wrong when my right side would not obey any of my brain commands. So needless to say, I took an ambulance ride to the Pink Palace and it wasn’t pretty.

I broke my elbow in two places, one being the radial head. On my upper arm, the humerus bone (not funny either) I did two things. First it snapped in half right in the middle, and thankfully did not protrude out of my skin. Secondly, the head of the humerus was crushed and flattened. It no longer dwelled in the socket like it is supposed to. My knees were tore up and I had a bone bruise on my right hand too. God supplies us graciously with a thing called ‘shock.’ Had it not been for that, I do not know how I would have managed the pain. They tried to give me something in the ambulance, but could not locate my veins, so I had to wait until my arrival at the Pink Palace.

To my added distress, the nurses had to cut my brand new top off of me. I don’t know why that was a huge ‘thing,’ but it was. They did replace it with a fine floral all cotton number that tied in the back though! As soon as they were able to get an IV in me, they gave me pain meds. I calmed right down, or at least I thought I had. My hubby and daughter might give you a different story. Ha. After many x-rays (they now bring the machine to you in the ER, how cool is that!!) they placed a plaster splint and a blue sling on me and off to home we went!

On Monday I was in an orthopedic office being examined and they decided I needed a CT scan and that showed that I needed a specialist, so another week transpired. I believe it was on Sept 20(ish) that I had surgery. One large 500ml hematoma, a 7 inch plate and 11 screws later along with other hardware and a 2 day hospital stay I headed home again. I will be having another surgery in late Fall of this year. They are going to do a total reverse shoulder replacement and want my mid-humerus as healed as it can be. I had no idea what that procedure was so I googled it. I need to learn not to always click on Images. Oy vey!

So I am on the mend. I am learning slowly to do things with either one arm or how to incorporate the right side as much as possible. I have been getting lots of questions. Below are the most frequent.

  • Does it hurt? Yes. I have a high pain tolerance too. That sometimes jars my hubby because when I say that I hurt, he knows it must be some kind of pain!
  • Everyday? Yes, but I have learned pain management techniques from the Holy Spirit. Some days are good, some are better.
  • Do you take meds? Ibu 800 when needed
  • Can you travel? Limited and well planned travel is my life for awhile.

For the first few weeks, hubby and daughter played tag team with time off and taking care of me. Some dear friends and family came by to stay during the day with me too. Then my sister S~ came and moved in for a solid week and pampered me like a princess. Little by little I was able to get off of pain meds and then did not need people here all the time.

One fun thing did get uncovered. Hubby can wrap Christmas presents better than me, so he now has a new job come Holiday time. Busted!!!!!

So people, you are stronger than you think. I have to stir up my sense of humor or my days would get very long. But now that I can drive again, I can get out of the house when the walls close in. Give me a call and come on over for cuppa tea or coffee sometime!

Prayer Time

Isaiah 40:31   but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Dear Lord,
I know better than to pray for patience. I want to thank you for all that you have saved me from. This was a biggie, and I know that it could have been much worse. Thank you for the opportunity to be home and rest and rejuvenate, because I know this too will change and I will be back out there again one day.

Love, Christine
A Muse of the Remnant

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  1. You are doing wonderful. Not all of us would’ve persevered. It’s hard to see you not at 100%. But even at 60%, you accomplish more that most everyday. I know it’s because you believe! He has a plan. It’s more than we could have ever hoped. ❤️

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