Daniel~ Your Chains Are Gone… You’ve Been Set Free

Yesterday, 03/12/2019 @ 8:17pm, my godson, Daniel Werner Osberghaus, stepped into Heaven.

I’m not going to cover it up or sugar coat the truth. Daniel made some bad choices. He chose to drink, but he did not choose to become an alcoholic. It literally trapped him. Drinking was the one thing that, to him, masked the sting of grief from his father’s cruel death from cancer a few years back. Did family try to reach out and help? Yes. In so many ways. Were tough love tactics also tried? Yes, again.

Alcoholism is not a dirty word. We have a tendency to wash away what we consider the unclean things, whether intense feelings or subway microbes. Alcoholism runs rampant in our society. And for us, there are genetics that we must overcome. I have always told my brood: If you are not in control of ‘it’, ‘it’ will be in control of you. Then we have a problem. (‘It’ signifying just about anything) Renewing your mind in Christ Jesus is the answer. Period.

It is surreal inside my head. All jumbled up. How could this happen to a young 30 year old man? He had his family and loved ones and so many friends come to the hospital the last 2.5 weeks to tell him how much he was loved, how much he meant to them, how much he will be missed.

For me, it was better to hug him tight each time I saw him and whisper that I love him in his ear. I do that for all of my nieces and nephews. I wonder if they will recall that now. Daniel would roll his eyes at me when I would ask him how he and Jesus were. ‘Oh, Aunt Christine… ‘ and then he would chuckle in that deep bass voice and change the subject. I loved the last minute ‘my car is broken down can you take me to work’ calls. I was off during the day, and loved the opportunity to help him. Then he moved farther away and didn’t call except now and then to find out how I was doing. He also looked so dapper standing up for Caleb as a groomsman.

Fast track almost a year later, we get a call 2.5 weeks ago that Daniel was in the hospital, and what was all happening. My heart grieved. His mom and sister and the doctors and nurses were all very clear with what was happening to him everyday. We went up to the Pink Palace and hugged on whomever was there. Then we turned to Daniel. He was on the ventilator but alert. I asked him if he wanted Jesus in his heart and if we could pray the Prayer of Repentance with him. He squeezed both of our hands and closed his eyes and furrowed his brow as he was nodding. His uncle Roy got down close and when asked questions about receiving Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, Daniel not only squeezed our fingers, he tried to rotate one of his ankles too! He opened his eyes and his tears were flowing. We stayed awhile and just loved on him, talking to him and smiling. I’m sure if you were listening, you could hear the throngs of angels whooping it up in Heaven!

Yesterday was a rough day though. The dying process is confusing and heart wrenching all at the same time. At the very end though, we were right at his side with his cousins, Mom and Sister and her husband. His breathing was not labored, it was peaceful. He breathed in and then softly out one last time at 8:17pm, and he was immediately with Jesus. And Jesus was telling Daniel, ‘Well done my good and faithful servant.’ His Chains of alcoholism were finally broken. He was set free. His God and Saviour rescued him.

So, when I say that Daniel stepped into Heaven, I mean it. Normally people do not have the opportunity for deathbed confessions. God was gracious to Daniel. God loved Daniel so much that He sent His own son to earth to be crucified, raise from the dead and take the keys of Death and Hell and even alcohol with Him. My godson is up there sliding on the streets of Gold! We can help you with that if you have questions. Leave me a comment :o)

Signed with Love to My godson, see you soon….. Love you always, Aunt Christine
A Muse of the Remnant

Daniel Werner Osberghaus
November 10, 1988 – March 12, 2019

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  1. I am so moved by Daniel’s Salvation Story! Truly, he is now seeing “ the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living.” ( Psalm 27:13). My heart and prayers are with all of you! See you Saturday!

    1. I thank God for you and your husband’s faithfulness and heart. Thank you for continuing to pursue Daniel with the love of Jesus!

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