My Girls… Sisters To The Core

Ms. Bunny will be heading to see Ms. Chatty this week for a sister lallapaloosa! They love spending time together on adventures and exploring. That makes this mommy’s heart so happy. You see, sharing a room for years can make for peculiar compromises.

I did not grow up with a sister, so watching the relationship of Ms. Bunny and Ms. Chatty over the years has been enlightening to say the least. They were so loving towards each other, then ~ Bazinga! ~ they were at war with one another, then 20 minutes later, joined at the hip again. I marvel at the fact that they can do this. The one thing that I did not like is when they both teamed up against me… the momma!!!

Growing up with only one brother, and being a bit of a tomboy myself, we settled things by Indian wrestling, whose shoulders were broader, who could spit farther, or Mumbly Peg. Mother stopped us with that one when I stuck it right in the top of my foot by mistake. (Insert ouch here). Or maybe that was with Marvin L, who had no good sense either. I grew up in the projects with a bunch of boys. There was only Donna C and myself to play Barbies for a long time.

Bunny & bunnyrabbit

When the lasses were little and shared a room, there was a straight delineation of whose side belonged to whom. Bunny’s side had books and books and books and only one prized stuffed bunnyrabbit. Chatty’s side was laden with babies and stuffed creatures and blankies, which sometimes during nap respite she would pile onto her sleeping sister. Oy. Chatty was not a napper, Bunny loved her naps.

To retaliate, Bunny would leave her stuff strewn about on purpose. Chatty was a neat freak back then and would succumb to setting things aright. But I must say when it came to having the girls tasked at cleaning, Bunny was the perfectionist and Chatty was annoyed with even the thought of cleaning.

One thing I do not recall them doing is fighting over toys. Both liked diverse things. Chatty was a baby doll person, so Bunny would give her any baby doll she received as a present. Bunny loved to put things together and pretend cook. I cannot tell you how many Lincoln Logs or Duplo’s or Lego’s I’ve stepped on over the years. My feet still tell me that Lincoln Logs hurt the most (right in the arch of the foot).

Their personalities are so different too! One is tight with money, the other is of the theory that if she has a dollar, she will share that dollar with everyone. It is still true to this day.

Look at your shoes!

One is a super encourager; she just cannot help herself! The other is a bit more analytical and would like to help you correct whatever it is bothering you. One cannot control her facial emotions and I have taught her to look at her shoes until she can get control. The other can smile through the adversity, except for that quick flash in her eyes that you must be looking for to see.

Both are intelligent too, with book learned, street learned, and Holy Spirit learned endeavors. Both have attended colleges, bible colleges and online courses. Both strive to learn more every day, to be relevant. Both love to travel and have even traveled extensively together on both mission trips and for fun. Oh…. And they both will track down a good brew of coffee no matter what continent they are on!

But character-wise, they are the same. Both love people. Both want to help wherever they can. Both would give you their last dollar (even the money tight one) or make sure you had a good meal if you were hungry or a place to sleep if you had none. Both exude their Savior. And to me, that is the most important part.

Prayer Time

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 International Standard Version (ISV)

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. 10 If they stumble, the first will lift up his friend—but woe to anyone who is alone when he falls and there is no one to help him get up.

Lord, Thank you for the precious gift of my daughters. I have tried to raise them according to Your Word. I have failed so so so many times. Thank you for being faithful and spackling up all the cracks that I created. I pray for them to continue to seek after You first. I also pray that they remain best of friends as well as sisters.

Signed, Christine
A Muse of the Remnant

To Puppy or Not To Puppy… That is the Question

I think I actually want a puppy. That is a revelation to this girl. I thought I was done with pups when my mini dachshund passed in the early 80’s. But when I think back, it brings so much joy to me. Himself is the reason we have never had puppies or any animals other than naming bugs and flies. I cannot tell you how many flies my children named Freddie and Flicka and Freida. Sigh.

I love when I get to puppysit my grandpups or have Summer Camp or Fall Camp or Winter Camp with my puppy-niece. I do get into trouble then though with all the shenanigans I come up with. Sigh.

Now I will have to do a hard sell on Himself for this one. I will need ideas from the outer reaches of the cyber world. I do spend a lot of time alone these days. A puppy could keep me out of trouble. Ha. Having a puppy would mean that I would be walking more. That’s a good one! But Himself would remind me of the Great Fall again. Sigh. He would have a point there. We do like to travel a bit, and sometimes on a whim, so puppy would either go with us, or have a few days with Franklin and Fiona (hint, hint) or spend the time with Ms. Bunny.

Then, let’s be real… there is the puppy poop until they are trained and the chewing and the sharp as razor puppy teeth. That is a lot of work especially being one-armed right now. Le sigh. Oh, I forgot to figure in the cost of vets and shots and grooming… and clothes!!!!  Everyone dresses their puppy up, right?  Sigh. Then there are the hawks and owl and coyotes and fox in our rural/urban domain. Double Le sigh. 

Ok.. I think I have talked myself out of a puppy… for now. Might revisit this after the next shoulder surgery. Sigh. Until then I will enjoy the grandpups and puppy-niece and encourage Ms. Chatty to get one!!

After all, it is almost time to start naming flies again!!!