Happy Birthday Lauren

Dearest Lauren,

It is your birthday!! There are so many gifts in you. You are a treasure to celebrate. You are this solid warrior woman who brings the gifts of smiles and laughter to our family. It’s not a wonder that Evie smiles and giggles so much; she is emulating her sweet momma!

You are also determined, steadfast and fearless. I can see that you are a loyal and compassionate friend as well. This is going to be another amazing year for you full of brand-new adventures as this old world starts opening up again, and the greatest one is motherhood!!! Our little Miss Evelyn will keep you on your toes, keep you laughing, keep you from sleeping at times and keep you in wonderment as you watch this little girl unfold into the woman she is destined to become. She will also keep you on your knees too during this time. And thank you for making me a Gramma!!

I love you so much and I’m so grateful that you are my daughter!
(P.S. Thanks once again being the only one that did not give me stretch marks!!) hahaah

Prayer Time

Father God, I ask you to protect Lauren this year from people that are toxic to her. Father you have instilled in her the ability to discern when people are not being straight with her and those who would do harm to her family. I pray for good friendships to evolve this year and blessings upon blessings hug her all year long. I pray for sweet sleep when she needs it and for clarity when she isn’t able to get the sleep too. Holy Spirit, wrap her up in your wings when things seem too tough, and then use those wings to gently nudge her out when it is needed. Jesus, you never leave us. You promised that. You said that you are closer than a brother. Thank you for staying close and directing her steps into blessings. Lord, I love this girl and waited a long time for her. Thank you.

Signed, Christine… Mom O
A muse of the remnant.