What I Did On My Fall Break

On the road again

Himself and I were so excited to finally have the opportunity to visit CajunBelle and Ranger in Savannah!!! We would also be celebrating our 36th Wedding Anniversary.

Himself had played the perfect game of Tetris loading the Journey for our journey eastward. It was noon on Oct 7th, and we had one stop to make before hopping onto the highway and beginning our long-awaited trip. We stopped at QuikTrip to get some snacks and I wanted an iced tea. I love their iced tea. Upon trying to get back into the car, we were both rushed and swarmed by bees. The bees came into the car. I am allergic to bees. The bees must have smelled that, and some turned around and flew into my face and as I was swatting with one leg in the car and one out, I fell backward, and my leg got caught up and I fell backward into the car parked next to us and then landed on my left side onto the concrete. I tried moving. I could not. I got myself up to sitting, but my left leg would not comply, all the while still swatting at bees. Roy was swatting at them too, trying to keep them away from me. A QT worker came out and called EMSA for us. He also said that the bees have been horrid this year and that they have tried to rid them, but under the law they cannot kill or destroy them. He also said that they have been swarming others too.  

45 mins later, an ambulance showed up. Now mind you we were only a few miles from a hospital. Not sure about all that. But finally, they arrived and took me to St. Francis South ER. More hours, x-rays and a CT scan later, it was determined that I broke my femur up close to my hip. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. I am now the owner of a titanium rod in my femur and some other rod and screws that attach it back to my hip. A week after surgery and when I could walk 5 steps assisted with a walker, I was moved to Skilled Nursing at Forest Hills Rehab to learn to walk again. They have some excellent Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy and they do not let you rest on your laurels. Yet, they are encouraging and sweet at the same time. And understanding. Oh my, understanding!!  I spent 2 solid weeks there and when I was able to walk a certain distance with the walker and perform different tasks, I was released to home. Home feels so good. I do my exercises faithfully and am awaiting Home Healthcare to start this week.

I should graduate from the walker to the 4-wheel walker to the cane and then on my own. It may take a bit, but I am not the type of person to give up on anything. And I have Himself and Ms. Bunny to help me and encourage and raise their eyebrow when needed. I want to thank them for everything that they have done and are doing as well. I don’t know where I would be without them.

Himself would daily come up to my room after work and take me on trips in the wheelchair around the building and outside daily to keep me amused and stay until bedtime. On one Sunday afternoon, he brought Whataburger, which I love, and we had an outdoor picnic! Ms. Bunny came up and decorated my room for Fall. It looked beautiful! She knows how much I like that type of thing. My mom was a trooper and came up to see me even with her sciatica acting up and brought us a homemade spaghetti dinner! My brother and Carolyn came up to visit too with flowers in hand and a color book and crayons! Mr. Rational and Mrs. TwinkleEyes sent me daily pics of my grandbaby to keep me going! Ms. Chatty video called me almost every day as we tried to find places in my room that would let us connect.

I was concerned about my puppy being in a kennel all day because in her 2 years, she never has been. My mom would come to the house and stay with Brinkley several days a week and one of Ms. Chatty’s friends, Keren, would come on the other days. I had worried about that puppy, but they took those worries away for me. And at night, Brinkley was attached to Ms. Bunny. She would not leave her side.

When I returned home, Carolyn had made us a wonderful dinner that lasted 2 days and that gave Ms. Bunny and Himself a break from cooking. BTW, Ms. Bunny is an awesome cook!

So, in summary. By the grace of God, and with the prayers of some faithful Prayer Warriors, I am on the mend and home sooner than anyone thought that I would be. I still have quite the road ahead of me, and I know that my God does not heal halfway. I give him all of the glory.

With Love,

A Muse of the Remnant

p.s. I will write more later on my journey