To Puppy or Not To Puppy… That is the Question

I think I actually want a puppy. That is a revelation to this girl. I thought I was done with pups when my mini dachshund passed in the early 80’s. But when I think back, it brings so much joy to me. Himself is the reason we have never had puppies or any animals other than naming bugs and flies. I cannot tell you how many flies my children named Freddie and Flicka and Freida. Sigh.

I love when I get to puppysit my grandpups or have Summer Camp or Fall Camp or Winter Camp with my puppy-niece. I do get into trouble then though with all the shenanigans I come up with. Sigh.

Now I will have to do a hard sell on Himself for this one. I will need ideas from the outer reaches of the cyber world. I do spend a lot of time alone these days. A puppy could keep me out of trouble. Ha. Having a puppy would mean that I would be walking more. That’s a good one! But Himself would remind me of the Great Fall again. Sigh. He would have a point there. We do like to travel a bit, and sometimes on a whim, so puppy would either go with us, or have a few days with Franklin and Fiona (hint, hint) or spend the time with Ms. Bunny.

Then, let’s be real… there is the puppy poop until they are trained and the chewing and the sharp as razor puppy teeth. That is a lot of work especially being one-armed right now. Le sigh. Oh, I forgot to figure in the cost of vets and shots and grooming… and clothes!!!!  Everyone dresses their puppy up, right?  Sigh. Then there are the hawks and owl and coyotes and fox in our rural/urban domain. Double Le sigh. 

Ok.. I think I have talked myself out of a puppy… for now. Might revisit this after the next shoulder surgery. Sigh. Until then I will enjoy the grandpups and puppy-niece and encourage Ms. Chatty to get one!!

After all, it is almost time to start naming flies again!!!

2 Replies to “To Puppy or Not To Puppy… That is the Question”

  1. Sadie would looooveeeee a cousin at Summer Camp!! But, I kinda agree to the after this next surgery… the waking up every hour or two initially to potty train them for a few months is RUFFF!!? We are looking for a little sister for Sadie. It’d be great if we could find litter mates for us! We just require a pup that doesn’t make my eyes swell shut. ‘Cause dander and shedding is the PITTSSSS!! I’m so excited for you! ?

  2. We have gone with the not-so-blasted-adorable puppies, and gotten potty-trained-age-appropriate rescue dogs with super results. And they love their walks too…

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