The Tiny Steps of Victory

Today was a great day for me. I learned to iron again!

Ironing is not a dirty word

What did you say????? Iron???? Why????

First, I have always loved ironing. It is a mindless thing to do that has always calmed me down. (and no, I don’t want to do yours) I have not been able to iron one piece of clothing since the great fall last September. My arm will now reach far enough for me to do so, with a little help from the other arm at times, but hey… we all need a lil help now and then.

To me it was one of those victorious things! As my hubby and mom will concur, never tell me what I cannot do. My mind works like this: “Oh really… Challenge accepted!”  So to date, since the first surgery 6 months ago, I have relearned the following:

  • How to dress myself: I must look hysterical with the gyrations to get fully clothed. Women think about it next time you dress yourself fully with each individual article. Keep your elbow at your side and do not use your dominant arm at all. Let me know how you do in the Comments section.
  • How to cook: God Bless my hubby. He has taken such excellent care of me, but he cannot cook at all. Thankfully Rachel did. So that was my second thing to conquer… cooking! Cutting/chopping was a trip with my left hand. Only one nick though. That was the grace of God. The most difficult thing was cutting a sandwich or draining a pan. I figured it out though and we have had some wonderful dinners now. I do know how to summon up GrubHub when needed too! One night when first starting to cook, I burned dinner miserably. I’m not too proud to have food delivered!!!!
  • Laundry: I generally only do mine and the towels now. It is very difficult to get the items out of the washer even with my grabber thingy. I have learned that folding perfectly just no longer exists in my world. It’s clean, it’s semi folded, it’s put away. Check, on to the next thing.
  • Cleaning: Ok they all knew that when I started noticing things out of place that their world was about to change back again. Hahahaha. Rachel must unload the bottom of the dishwasher because my shoulder literally pops out of socket when I bend down. Yes, it hurts. Life goes on. Check!
  • Driving: Image having to sit home and rely on people to take you anywhere and everywhere for over 4 months. Rachel sweetly took me to an empty parking lot one weekend, and she let me see if I was ready. It still hurts to shift even an automatic, but it is doable. Most difficult things are putting the seatbelt on and taking it off along with placing the key into the ignition on the steering wheel. I don’t go many places, but I know I CAN if I want to. Check!
  • Crocheting: This one still gives me stingers, but I can do it at short intervals. I love crocheting too. I’ve started a blanket. Let’s see how long it takes me to finish it. Ha!
  • Sewing: I did not do well with the sewing machine but am doing wonderful at hand sewing. I am working on ornate Christmas stockings for next year, well… but definitely by 2025. Check!
  • Ironing: I did a full-length dress! I was so proud of myself. It was tough too. Check!
  • Blogging: Hubby gave me his extra keyboard and I have it at a much lower height at my desk. This has allowed me to start typing again!

I am so excited that I’ve been able to do all of these things. But I did not relearn them on my own. I am learning to listen to and lean on my Jesus, Father God and the Holy Spirit more and more. He has been showing me insights to myself that I either have forgotten or never listened closely enough to hear them. I’m only 60 now… I can still learn!

Prayer Time

Prayer Time

Proverbs 3:5-6  The Message (MSG)

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He’s the one who will keep you on track.”

Lord, first of all, thank you for being so patient with me. I know I can be whiney at times, and I’m working that. Thank you for the gentle nudges. I like them much more than the sledgehammer awakenings. Help me to listen closely to that still small voice. It is my heart’s desire.

Love, Christine

A Muse of the Remnant

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