Happy 30th Birthday Hannah

Today my Twins are Thirty
The years have flown quite fast
One walked with me, and talked with me
One flew away devast

I’d like to say it gets easier
But truly that’s a lie
You hold that love within your heart
And love will never die

I have held you in my heart each year
So close at times it ached
I also know you’re with the One
To whom my faith awaked

He’s closer than a brother
And that is hard to find
You have a brother here on Earth
Caleb’s the best you’d ever find

You have a sister Rachel
Who is blessed at all she does
And she prayed so very hard for you
The day He called you from above

Now let’s talk of Aimee
Your twin in every sense
She’s carried you also in her heart
And that is not pretense

With all that she has conquered
In a short amount of time
I wonder if she’s sharing this
With you inside her mind.

Oh my little Hannah
One day I’ll l hold you near
When Jesus also calls me home
‘Til then I’ll persevere

Happy 30th Birthday
Hannah Marie Osberghaus

2 Replies to “Happy 30th Birthday Hannah”

  1. That’s beautiful Christine. I wish we had remained in touch so I could have known of this tremendous loss. My prayers are yours today. Stay well my friend. ❤?❤

  2. I just finished reading this and Aimee’s post – they are both so beautifully written. Looking forward to more. I know of a little pup who has a birthday coming up in July…??
    Love you!❤️

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