Happy 31st Birthday Caleb!

31 years ago, Caleb Alan made his entrance into our lives and Today we are celebrating that day and the incredible man he has become. I am so grateful for the gift you are to this family, and to the Lord who picked me to be your Mom!

You have grown into an amazing man and husband and have always been a stellar son. You have been much more than a source of pride and joy to me – you’ve been a source of infinite inspiration. Your sense of humor has kept me going at times. It’s a little off… just like mine. Except for those ‘daddy jokes,’ I want no responsibility for those whatsoever! But you have brought so much laughter and joy into this family. Thank you for that. And thank you for our mom/son lunches too. You have no idea the joy that brings to me.

Thank you also for being the best brother to your sisters. You are there for them and they know that they can always count on you. That is really an important thing in this day and age. I love when you all get together and just act silly. You all live so far from each other now. Don’t ever let that closeness dwindle down.

Thank you also for being the best husband for your precious bride Lauren. I can see your protectiveness and love and commitment to her. I remember our first talk about her, and I knew you were smitten! I am so thankful that she said ‘Yes!’ Now you’re old married folks with a new car and a mortgage. Don’t ya love it though!

Caleb, this coming year is going to be your best so far. I know that can be a catchy phrase. But I know it in my knower. Amazing things will happen this year for you. Keep steady in your path and always lead with that ‘attitude of gratitude.’ (I just had to do one mommy-ism) ha I love you son. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for my son. Please remind him that he is empowered with power and courage to defeat every Goliath in his life. I love him, but I know that You love him even more. Lord I pray on his birthday and through this next year that he is gifted with divine wisdom to soar on the wings of success in all of his endeavors. Amen.

Christine….. a muse of the remnant

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